To All our InfoAge supporters and patrons:

I would like to send a most heartfelt thanks to all of you who so generously contributed to our “Go Fund Me” to repair the roof on the Marconi Hotel Lounge.  The Marconi Hotel is not only the centerpiece of Camp Evans and our InfoAge campus but is a treasured National Historic Landmark.  We received a total of just over $12,000 with gifts ranging from $10 to $2000 and all was needed.

The initial estimate for the repairs was $9,800 but when the roofers began to strip the roof we found out that all the plywood underlayment was rotted in some fashion and had to be replaced.  The cost of the additional plywood was $1,800 (plywood is now around $90 per 4’x8’ ¾” sheet and we needed 18 of them.  With the leftover money we repaired two small leaks in the H buildings.

We have added a few pictures which show the ceiling damage to the Marconi Lounge and the actual roof repair.

Thank you again for your most generous help!!

Mike Ruane
CEO, InfoAge