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Space Age

Space Age

In addition to traditional military research, Camp Evans also took on space projects. These included bouncing a radar signal off the moon (Project Diana) and tracking the first weather satellite (Project TIROS).

Camp Evans and Sputnik

History changed on October 4, 1957, when the former Soviet Union successfully launched Sputnik I. Besides the bruising to national prestige it started the ‘SPACE RACE’. A part of the race was a push to ‘catch-up’ and exceed the Soviets in the fields of space science…

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Wall Township’s Camp Evans played a key role in historic events

Wall Township’s Camp Evans played a key role in historic events The Coast Star January 8, 2004, By Fred Carl Page 5, cont. page 25Two historic events that occurred at Camp Evans during January of past years will be remembered at the Wall Township historic site this…

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An Early Sputnik Diary

From an Early Sputnik Diary of HAROLD A. ZAHL Source: IRE Transactions on Military Electronics, April-July 1960,  Pages 320-322 Summary: Like almost everyone else in the world, personnel of the U. S. Army Signal Research and Development Laboratory (USASRDL), Fort…

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Pioneer V is Tracked 1.6 Million Miles in Space

Published in The Monmouth Message – March 31, 1960, Fort Monmouth – A team of Signal Corps scientists, using a huge 50-foot dish-shaped antenna here, has tracked the U.S. Pioneer-V space probe rocket to a distance of 1.6 million miles as it soars to an orbit around…

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How Radar Will Watch Satellite

How Radar Will Watch Satellite. In September 1955 Popular Science. Page 132 This article shows a captured German radar, Wurtzburg Reise, reworked with a new 50-foot antenna and now installed upon a tower at the Project Dian Site.

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Project Diana

Project Diana, in 1948, was humankind’s first time bouncing a radio signal off the mount and successfully capturing it back.

Project Diana January 10, 1946

This was the 1946 beginning of space communications and the birth of the field of Radar Astronomy!!! Accomplished at Camp Evans, the former Marconi Belmar High-powered Wireless Station… A KEY link in the world’s first wireless network… Where Edwin Armstrong…

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All About Radio and Television – Round Trip to the Moon

This 1958 copyright book by Jack Gould tells the story of radar and Project Diana to children. This is chapter 17 of the twelfth printing. The project Diana story is on page 138.

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Project TIROS

This was a ground tracking station for the world’s first weather satellite built 1960.

TIROS Overview

This is an overview of the TIROS satellite project.

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Monmouth Message April 7, 1960 Signal Pilots Fly Photos To NASA

Published in The Monmouth Message on April 7, 1960 page 1 Washington – Two U. S. Army Signal Corps pilots flew the first pictures taken by TIROS, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration television weather satellite, from Fort Monmouth, the eastern U. S…

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Monmouth Message April 7, 1960 ‘Only The Beginning’ For Laboratory

Published in The Monmouth Message on April 7, 1960 on page 1 and 3. Fort Monmouth – Launching of the Tiros I satellite late last Friday morning, was only the opener for Signal Laboratory scientists, engineers and technicians working with the National Aeronautics and…

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