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Space Exploration

Visit the home of radio astronomy; bounce your voice off the moon; track a pulsar; see artifacts that went to the moon and back; move the 60’ TIROS dish; see a real original Vanguard satellite; travel through space and time with Projects Diana, TIROS, Space Sentry, and SCORE.


Host: InfoAge Space Exploration Center

Contact: info@infoage.org, 732-664-0924

Location: 2201 Marconi Rd. Wall, NJ 07719


Electronic Warfare/SIGINT

See the jammer that protects the President’s helicopter from missiles; see the systems used to defeat roadside IEDs; touch and feel the black boxes that defeated German radars in WWII; learn what the military acronym AOC and its history stand for.

Host: Association of Old Crows / Garden State Chapter

Contact: jcervini@infoage.org

Location: Building 9032-C

Radio Technology

Send a message by telegraph; see if you can operate a rotary-dial telephone; learn to tune a radio; see yourself on television; experience 100 years of recorded sound; watch real-time air traffic in the NY Metropolitan area; visit the Hands-On Laboratory for kids of all ages.

Host: New Jersey Antique Radio Club

Contact: president@njarc.org

Location: Building 9032-D

The New Jersey Antique Radio Club museum traces the development of radio from before sparks to beyond cellphones. They also host the National Broadcasters Hall of Fame and maintain an exhibit of World War II lineman operators equipment.

Military Communications

Hand crank a WWII jungle radio; see a secret canteen radio used by captured US POWs in WWII; learn how GIs coded secret messages; operate and talk on D-Day military telephones.

Host: New Jersey Antique Radio Club

Contact: president@njarc.org

Location: Building 9010-A

The New Jersey Antique Radio Club is dedicated to the preservation of radio history.

Military Radar and Electronics

See the most comprehensive exhibit of the Army’s first radar; touch and feel the Beacon that guided airborne soldiers to the fields of Normandy on D-Day; see a video of how proximity fuzes were developed and defeated Kamikaze and V1 terror weapons.

Host: InfoAge Science Center & Ray Chase

Contact: raydio862@verizon.net

Location: Building 9001 (Marconi Hotel)

See the components that go into historic radar systems, such as magnatrons, beacons, proximity fuses, and more.

WWII Battlefield Dioramas Models and Artifacts

View professionally constructed dioramas of famous WW II battles to include Wake Island, D-Day, the Bulge, North Africa, etc.; see artifacts such as a silk wedding dress from a parachute carried on a B-29 in the Pacific Theater and a Nazi Flag from the Battle of the Bulge; view and touch a beacon used to guide aircraft to their drop zones on the evening before D-Day.

Host: InfoAge Science Center & Bob Perricelli

Contact: perricelli@comcast.net

Location: Building 9032-C

The dioramas convey the drama of selected battle scenes better than any photo. The dioramas and models are built by expert craftsmen and model makers. Bob Perricelli, John Cervini, and friends contributed dozens of models and battle scenery.

Shipwreck Museum

Touch and feel three 18th century cannons recovered off the NJ coast (which one makes a haunting sound?) See China from the Andrea Doria, flatware from the Morro Castle wreck off Asbury Park, and pieces from a German submarine U-869 sunk off the NJ coast in WWII. Touch the ship’s wheel from a NY harbor tug boat.

Host: New Jersey Historical Divers Association

Contact: info@njhda.org

Location: Building 9032-B

New Jersey Historical Divers Association has curated exhibits showing artifacts found and retrieved from the seafloor. These include a cannon, ship’s wheel, cutlery, and much more. They also display a map of local wrecks, diving gear, and models. There is a conservation laboratory to teach proper methods of extraction and preservation.


See how computers evolved from the size of a classroom down to the size of your hand; learn how apps were made in the 1970s-1980s; find out about inventions that happened right here in NJ; see the evolution of the Microprocessor and the application of Moore’s Law. 

Host: Vintage Computer Federation

Contact: info@vcfed.org

Location: Building 9010-A

Vintage Computer Federation is a national organization for collectors and hobbyists. Exhibits include the 1940s-1960s mainframes, 1960s-1970s minicomputing, 1970s-1990s microcomputing, and modern technology.

More Info: events, videos and conversation for VCF is available on: Facebook, YouTube and Discord


Computer Deconstruction Laboratory

In addition to our makerspace workshop, The Computer Deconstruction Lab also operates a four person studio with current recording and mixing equipment, along with a classroom space for audio producers. While primarily used for internal projects, the studio is available to schools and individuals for voice tracking projects as well. Sessions are by appointment only.

Host: Computer Deconstruction Lab

Contact: cdl@compdecon.org

Location: Building 9059

Computer Deconstruction Lab is the Jersey shore makerspace. Activities include Microcontroller Mondays, 3-D printing, a podcast studio, robotics, CNC machining, metal/woodworking, and IT support for the InfoAge community.


Play with a hands-on Lionel train set; learn about railroads’ contributions to New Jersey and the military; see the construction of the 1200 sq ft HO scale Garden State Central highlighting the 1952 anthracite coal lines from Jersey City to Wilkes Barre; operate N and HO scale layouts.

Host: Garden State Central Model Railroad Club

Contact: gsc_webmstr@hotmail.com

Location: Building 9010-A

Garden State Central Model Railroad Club is constructing a massive and intricate HO-scale layout along with a Lionel layout. The HO layout is computer-controlled and the Lionel layout is operated by push buttons.

Military Technology

See half an acre of military vehicles (jeeps, tanks, motorcycles, weapons, and trucks) including many one-of-a-kind that even the Smithsonian does not have; visit the Berlin Airlift exhibit; have your picture taken with Churchill or Stalin; learn where M&Ms came from; see and feel a fully operational WWII Jeb Stuart M-3 tank.  

Host: Military Technology Museum of New Jersey

Contact: militarytechnj@gmail.com

Location: Building 9011-A/B/C

The Military Technology Museum of New Jersey has the largest exhibit at InfoAge. You’ll see Jeeps, tanks, half-tracks, amphibious vehicles, weaponry, and even a horse!

Fallout Shelter Theatre

​Take a trip back to the times of the Cold War and the threat of Armageddon through videos and survival artifacts; see schoolchildren “Duck and Cover”.

Host: InfoAge Science Center & Gloria Kudrick

Contact: info@infoage.org

Location: Marconi Hotel Basement

In our original Cold War-era fallout theater, you can see period rations/supplies and watch an educational video about the threat and preparations for a nuclear attack. Joe Reilly and Tim Troppoli restored the shelter. Jim Kudrick maintains it.

African American History

See and learn why Camp Evans is a significant Black History Site due to the contributions of Dr. Walter McAfee, Thomas Daniels, William Gould III, and other black engineers and scientists.

Watch a documentary about the history of Camp Evans:

No Short Climb a documentary By Robert Johnson Jr.

Host: InfoAge Science Center

Contact: info@infoage.org

Location: Building 9001 (inside Marconi Hotel)


NJ 911 Remembrance & Memorial

Relive the terrible attack on the World Trade Center through the service of our NJ firefighters, police, National Guard, ironworkers, FT Monmouth engineering teams, etc.; see dioramas, photos, magazine artifacts, and uniforms and watch videos depicting ground zero from those dark days.

Host: InfoAge Science Center

Contact: exhibits-ia-contact@infoage.org

Location: Building 9001 (inside Marconi Hotel)

Merchant Marine Communications

Learn the life-saving history of ship-to-shore radios and the men and women that operated them. See the actual SOS messages from the RMS TITANIC disaster and pictures of a sinking passenger ship, the SS PRINSENDAM, as well as navigation instruments and lifeboat radio sets.

Host: Veteran Wireless Operators Assn, Inc.

Contact: k2lre@aol.com

Location: Building 9010A

The Veteran Wireless Operators Association has a history of life-saving heroism on ships in jeopardy. Every seaman and passenger depended upon the wireless operator to listen for warnings of danger or to send messages for help if disaster struck their ship. Many an operator ‘went down with the ship’ transmitting calls for help until the last moment possible.

The Lenni-Lanape, European Colonization and Independence

See dioramas of the Lenape at work and learn of their history on the Jersey Shore, the history of Early Colonization, and the Revolutionary War in NJ through artwork, artifacts & dioramas of battles fought in NJ.

Host: InfoAge Science Center & John Cervini

Contact: johntcervini@optonline.net

Location: Building 9001 (inside Marconi Hotel)

World War I

Read and see insights into the causes of WWI and how it was fought through pictures, models, artifacts, and dioramas.

Host: InfoAge Science Center & Dr. Richard Connors

Contact: info@infoage.org

Location: Building 9001 (Marconi Hotel)

During the first world war, our campus was a Navy/RCA station. It was a dispatching point for wireless messages between Washington, D.C. and U.S. forces in Europe. Here you’ll see technology that made it work.

World War II Homefront

Sit in a recreated WWII Living Room; hear and see the news, music, and commentary broadcast during WWII in movie theaters and on the radio.

Host: InfoAge Science Center

Contact: exhibits-ia-contact@infoage.org

Location: Building 9001 (inside Marconi Hotel)


The premiere Jersey Shore maker space; activities include Microcontroller Mondays, 3-D printing, a podcast studio, robotics, CNC machining, metal & woodworking, and IT support for the InfoAge community.

Host: Computer Deconstruction Lab

Contact: cdl@compdecon.org

Location: Building 9059

Computer Deconstruction Lab is the Jersey shore makerspace. Activities include Microcontroller Mondays, 3-D printing, a podcast studio, robotics, CNC machining, metal/woodworking, and IT support for the InfoAge community.

Marconi and the Belmar Station

Under Construction

Opening 2021

Host: Quarter Century Wireless Association

Contact: info@infoage.org

Location: Building 9001 (Marconi Hotel)

Quarter Century Wireless Association made this exhibit of Marconi’s wireless leap across the Atlantic. Learn how wireless telegraph works along with Morse code.

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