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Speakers Bureau

InfoAge is a community of experts in many subjects both historical and technical. We can send the right person to your business, community organization, conference, meeting, or school. Lectures can last from 20-60 minutes including time for Q&A. Please send a message to info@infoage.org or call 732-280-3000 for details and fees.

InfoAge / Camp Evans:

  • InfoAge overview – Mike Ruane
  • Camp Evans overview – Harry Klancer or Ray Chase
  • New Jersey Shipwreck Museum – Dan Lieb


  • The Birth of Radio & Broadcasting – Ray Chase
  • Radio History at Camp Evans – Ray Chase or Harry Klancer
  • History of Radio Technology: Demystifying Telecommunications – Ray Chase
  • History of Radio Broadcasting – Ray Chase & Harry Klancer
  • Marconi’s First Transatlantic Message – Harry Klancer
  • Chatham and Marconi Wireless Stations in Massachusetts – Ray Chase
  • Sound: How Does It Get Into-and Come Out of- Your Radio – Harry Klancer or Jules Bellisio


  • New Jersey Shipwreck History
  • Underwater Archaeology in New Jersey


  • Project Diana (Army Radar Moonbounce) – Ray Chase or Lori Lauber
  • Aircraft-to-Carrier Homing System – Ray Chase
  • History of Radar – Ray Chase
  • The Wizard War & The Origins of Radar – Ray Chase
  • World War I – Harry Klancer
  • History of Electronic Warfare – John Cervini
  • How Radar Failed Us at Pearl Harbor 1941 – Ray Chase
  • Cold War – Bob Pericelli
  • Radar at the Naval Battle at Midway – Ray Chase
  • Radio Proximity Fuse: A WWII Innovation and Secret Weapon – Ray Chase
  • AT&T Deal Test Site, New Jersey – Harry Klancer
  • WWI The Technology War – Local Influences and Lasting Impact – Harry Klancer (3 versions)

Space Exploration:

  • Exoplanets: Exploring Strange New Worlds
  • Exploring Strange New Worlds: TESS Update
  • Apollo 13: A successful failure
  • The Epic Voyage of Apollo 11
  • Project Gemini: How NASA Learned to Fly in Space
  • 60 Years of Weather Satellites
  • Apollo 8: In the Beginning….
  • Lunar Exploration since Apollo
  • NASA’s Mission to Planet Earth
  • NASA’s New Ride to Space: Commercial Crew
  • The Sun and the Parker Solar Probe
  • Espionage in Space: Spy Satellites
  • The Last Flight of the Space Shuttle Columbia
  • Dining in Space: What’s for Dinner?
  • Spacesuits: What the Best Dressed Astronauts Wear!
  • Living in Space: Life on the International Space Station
  • Apollo Guidance Computer: Architecture and Operation
  • Space Shuttle Computer Systems
  • Flying to the Moon: The View from the Apollo Guidance Computer
  • Roving on Mars: The Journey of Curiosity
  • Exploration of Mars
  • 55 years of Martian Invasions
  • Challenges in Sending Humans to Mars
  • Cassini: A Decade at Saturn
  • It’s a Small World: Asteroids and Comets

22 July 2024 9:00 am - 3:00 pm

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