The Naval Period

Naval Period

The U.S. Navy was the site owner here during World War I. Their work focused on strengthening radio signals and sharpening signal reception.

Static Elimination Disclosure – November 18, 1918

A secret invention perfected in Wall was unveiled to the world 100 years ago this week. It was July 4th, 1917 in Wall when Guglielmo Marconi was shown the breakthrough invention at his giant wireless station, known today as Camp Evans. His face lit up with a smile, he…

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WWI at The Belmar High Powered Wireless Station

This overview post tells the WWI history of Camp Evans, the Marconi Belmar station. It was a significant communications control point and research site during the United States involvement in WWI. In fact, it was the central hub of wireless communications between…

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Published in the book: RADIO REMINISCENCES: A HALF CENTURY by A. Hoyt Taylor Published by U.S. Naval Research Laboratory, Washington. D.C.  First Edition 1948,  reprint 1960, Pages 50 – 60 Web editor notes: Thanks to Linda Norton of the Naval Research Laboratory…

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U.S. Gives Radar Secrets, ‘Major Reason’ of Victory

This story was printed the day World War Two ended. It is an excellent overview of the major roll radar played in the Allied victory. It also predicts the future of electronics. As the Signal Corps radar laboratory Camp Evans played a fundamental roll in the “story of victory in a laboratory race against the enemy”. Camp Evans contracted, funded and coordinated radar research by famous laboratories at Bell Labs, Harvard, and MIT.

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Mr. Roy Weagant – RADIO pioneer works to conquer static

Source: Radio’s 100 Men of Science, Biographical Narratives of Pathfinder in Electronics and Television By Orrin E. Dunlap, Jr  1944  Page 204-207 Roy Weagant was an employee of Marconi who did pioneering work in static reduction and antenna construction at the Belmar…

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The Armistice Preliminaries Hastened Through Use of Wireless

This article tells of another important major historic event the Marconi Belmar & New Brunswick Stations were a part of… the Armistice negotiations to end WWI on the 11th month, the 11th day, and the 11th hour.

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German Arrested In Radio Station

Published in The Reading Times on July 26, 1917 on page 9. Posted April 15, 2017

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