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Research Assistance

Research Assistance

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There are many opportunities to conduct graduate-level research, corporate research, and journalism here at InfoAge. We have unique collections of historic publications, and we are fortunate to have a large volunteer staff including dozens of subject-matter experts!


Library collections based at InfoAge include the National Broadcaster’s Hall of Fame Records; books about radio, radio history, radio repair, radio broadcasting, and radio personalities; books about television, television history, television repair, television broadcasting, and television personalities; books about wireless history, World War II, radar, military history, and the Camp Evans laboratory period; and books about the commercial telegraph and telephone communications, both wired and wireless. The collections also include magazines and journals such as RCA Review, RCA magazines, Wireless magazine, IRE/IEEE journals, Fortune Magazine, and radio magazines and journals. There are photographs of interesting developments in the wireless, radio, television, and amateur radio field. We have QSL cards from 1910-1950, radio-related catalogs and brochures, and commercial broadcasting equipment manuals from RCA, the military, Marconi Corp., and more. In addition, most of the museum organizations based at InfoAge have their own libraries of technical and historical material for their own fields.

Material to be viewed must be requested in advance and will require at least 4-weeks notice to schedule a visit and prepare requested material. The staff is volunteer-driven and regretfully, sometimes they are not immediately available.

Due to the limited staff, the library is opened only on Wednesday from 10:00 am to 2:30 pm, depending on the volunteer’s schedule. So please do not expect someone to be in the library unless you email or call InfoAge (732-280-3000), in advance to verify. 

Xerox copies of manuals and drawings are available. The buyer pays for copies, shipping, packing & insurance in advance via postal money order only payable to InfoAge. For example, a 24×36 drawing will cost $20 plus shipping and insurance. The minimum cost for an equipment manual (up to 10-pages) is $20 plus shipping and insurance. For manuals larger than 10 pages the copy cost per page is 50 cents.

Subject-matter experts

To reach one of our subject-matter experts about the history of the Marconi era, Navy/RCA (World War I) period, King’s College, Camp Evans itself, and other campus-centric topics, please contact To reach a subject-matter expert from one of our museum partner organizations, please contact the groups individually.

22 July 2024 9:00 am - 3:00 pm

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