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Army Research

Army Research

Camp Evans’ mission changed after World War II. The new research included subjects such as airborne identifiers for friends and foes, signals jamming, nuclear systems, and much more.

Top secret Cold War History at Camp Evans

Published in The Coast Star January 11, 2007, By Fred Carl Page 8  When one thinks of a front in the cold war, one might think of the Berlin Wall or Alaska with the DEW line of early warning radars, not Wall Township.   In fact, Wall Township’s Camp Evans was an…

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The Ghost of Senator Joseph McCarthy haunts Camp Evans

“Do you know of any Communists out there in the Evans Laboratory,” and “Are you a member of the Communist Party?” How did Camp Evans, once known as the Army’s “house of magic,” become the suspected “house of spies?”

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Project Diana January 10, 1946

This was the 1946 beginning of space communications and the birth of the field of Radar Astronomy!!! Accomplished at Camp Evans, the former Marconi Belmar High-powered Wireless Station… A KEY link in the world’s first wireless network… Where Edwin Armstrong…

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