Wall of Honor

The InfoAge Wall of Honor is dedicated to giving recognition to those citizens who, by their lives or life’s work, have made significant contributions to the defense of our Nation with their accomplishments at the US Army’s former Camp Evans and Fort Monmouth and at the site formerly the home of the Marconi Wireless Company Belmar Station and Kings Christian College. The site is now the Camp Evans National Historic Landmark and the home of the Information Age Science History Museum and Learning Center – or InfoAge.

In 2013 we added Chairman’s Award for exceptional support of InfoAge. This also recognizes significant and innovative contributions and service to our community. In 2016 we added the Patriot’s Award to recognize people of extraordinary caliber who love, support, and defend the country and its interests. Honorees can be military leaders, politicians, astronauts, public servants, businessmen and women, and citizens who have distinguished themselves among their peers as true patriots.


Chairman’s Award Recipients


Patriot Award Recipients


2022 Video is available to watch

Edward Bair

Electronic Warfare

Donald J. Blue Sr.

Satellite Communications


Video is available to watch

John Waters

Aircraft Self-Preservation

Neil Wilson

RADAR Systems Technology


Video is available to watch

Andrew D’Angelo

Program Executive Officer: Intelligence & Electronic Warfare Systems

Herman Redd

Guardrail Airborne Signals Intelligence

Dr. David B. Usechak

Joint Stars Radar Systems


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Felix Lavicka

Nuclear Testing, and Analysis

Michael Ryan

Electronic Countermeasures

Dr. Harold Webb

Project Diana


Henry Muller

Airborne Signals Intelligence

Emil Schuerman

Radar Design

E. King Stodola

Project Diana


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William B. Gould III

Radio & Electronic Warfare Pioneer

Willie Johnson, Jr.

Radar & Combat Identification

Richard Paolello

Infrared Countermeasures


Mr. John C. Cittadino

Satellite Communications

Mr. Robert Doto

Electronic Warfare, Combat Surveillance, Combat Identification

Mr. John W. Marchetti



Mr. Charles Blair

Electronic Warfare

Mr. Charles E. Christianson

Radar and Electronic Warfare

Mr. Seymour Hersch

Photonics and Image Processing

Mr. Otto Rittenbach



Mr. Thomas E Daniels

Combat Surveillance and Target Acquisition

Mr. Robert F. Giordano

Electronic Warfare, Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance


Mr. William J. Keaneally

Surveillance Radar

Mr. Michael R. Mirarchi

Laser Rangefinder and Designator

Mr. David Noyes

Signals Intelligence


Video is available to watch

Dr. Rudy Buser


Mr. William Fishbein

Radar, and IFF Systems

Mr. Harold Jaffe

Airborne Direction Finding


Max Adler

Electronic Warfare Pioneer

Harold N. Tate

Radar Systems Engineer

Mary A. Tate


Harold A. Zahl, PhD

Radar Pioneer


George J. Brucker, PhD

Nuclear and Radiation Physicist

Stanley Kronenberg, PhD

Nuclear Physicist

Walter S. McAfee, PhD

Astro and Nuclear Physicist

Fred C. Carl

Founder, InfoAge

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