A Tour of the Military Technology Museum of New Jersey
Tucked away on the campus of historic Camp Evans in Wall Township, New Jersey is a military museum virtually unheard of to even the most well-informed museum enthusiasts. In a little less than a year, the Military Technology Museum of New Jersey has transformed a portion of a 1940s era government building into an inviting space full of rare military vehicles, weapons, and uniforms.

However, the collection began about 35 years ago by museum founder Dan Janquitto. He, his son, Luke, who is the museum curator, and a number of volunteers have refurbished the building, which was left in ruins by the Army when it was vacated in 1997, and filled it with interesting machinery, informative signs, and fantastic displays. They have privately amassed one of the largest and rarest collections of both static and operating military vehicles and equipment in the world.

The mission of the Military Technology Museum of New Jersey is to, “Educate school children and the general public, through both static and interactive displays depicting past military technological changes and inventions that affect our daily lives today.” As I toured the building, I learned various tidbits of information, such as the wartime origins of M&Ms and words and phrases that we use in everyday life that originated on the battlefield.