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Published The Hightstown Gazette on July 9, 1914 – Page 1

Thanks to Mr. Robert Craig of the New Jersey State Historic Preservation Office who found and sent us this article.  Although the article has some inaccuracies, it also has some interesting items. First, the Belmar Station was put into use in July. There were 900 feet between masts and the mast were 405 feet high.

Operations on the big Marconi wireless plant west of Belmar, one of the company’s strings of stations known as the “imperial change stations” that are to belt the globe, are practically completed and preliminary tests of the apparatus installed have proven entirely satisfactory. A thorough test of the plant is to be made in a short time by experts from the company’s headquarters in New York. The Belmar plant is to be used for dispatching exclusively, the receiving station is located at New Brunswick. This station’s equipment was tested out last week and was found to be in perfect working order.

The Belmar plant is one of the company’s biggest. From this plant, wireless messages are to be flashed across the Atlantic and over-sea dispatches are to be received at the New Brunswick station. There are six steel towers at the Belmar plant, rising to a height of 405 feet each, and stretching over a distance of nearly a mile. There are 900 feet of aerials between each mast. This equipment, together with the various buildings, including the electric plant and quarters for the employes, represents an outlay of several thousand dollars.

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