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CESL                                                                                S E C R E T                                               August 1943

425                                    PORTABLE RADAR UNITS.

425A                                 RADIO SET SCR-802.

DESCRIPTION: A lightweight 10-cm portable Radar primarily for use at night.
Parabolic reflector-type antenna. Setup time 15 minutes. Range 15 miles.

MILITARY CHARACTERISTICS: Recommended by SCTC Meeting No. 257, 5 Apr. 43, and
approved by ASF in 2nd Ind., 13 Apr. 43, file SPRMD 413.44 (4-5-43).


i. General.

a. OCSigO has canceled this project because of inability
to secure a suitable manufacturer for the production of Radio
Set SCR-8O2 on Purchase plan 1232. This cancellation was
effected by a letter from OCSigO dated 12 Aug. 1943.


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