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CESL                                                                  S E C R E T                                                                August 1943

1-410 (Contd.)
RADIO SET SCR-584-( ).
DESCRIPTION: A 3000-mc mobile unit’ for automatic tracking in azimuth and elevation. Supplies complete data to a gun director. Range 32,000 yards. As an early-warning device, range 60,000 yards.MILITARY CHARACTERISTICS (Revised): Recommended by SCTC Meeting No. 245, 28 Dec. 42, and approved by SOS in 2nd Ind., 80 Dec. 42, file SPRMD 418.44.Progress:  


1. Repackaging.

a. By direction of the Chief Signal Officer, this Laboratory will initiate action to accomplish the repackaging of Radio Set SCR-584. This repackaged set will be known as Radio Set SCR-784.

 b. Careful study of repackaging Radio Set SCR-584 is necessary inasmuch as the weight of the present manufactured components plus their necessary housing Is approximately 5,900 lbs., which weight is considerably in excess of the maximum tolerable load of an M-7 trailer. It is possible that a heavier type of ordnance trailer now in development status might be used for this packaging although the availability of this trailer is unknown at present. A repackaging plan previously submitted by OCSigO has not been recommended as no provision was made for IFF and other weighty components.

 c. In order to secure greater mobility of the equipment, this Laboratory has entered into a supplementary contract with the General Electric Company for a converter gear to enable the present semi-mobile trailer to be transported. as a full trailer over any type of terrain at the desire of the Using Arm. The use of this converter is optional and may be used at the discretion of the battery commander as the condition of the terrain warrants.

2. Receiver Gate Circuit.

 a. Investigation by Radiation Laboratory at the General Electric Company’s plant revealed that there were oscillations in the Radio Set SCR-584 production receiver gate circuit. Tube V-712, type 6L6-GT, in the receiver main i-f chassis was found to oscillate at about 220 me in several chassis. These undesirable oscillations were rectified and amplified in the latter servo channel tubes so as to show a considerable gate in the plate circuit of tube V-707. To eliminate these oscillations, this Laboratory has requested a 56 ohm or 47 ohm 4 10 percent, 1/2-watt composition resistor be used in series with the screen-grid leads off tubes V-710 and V-712, and carry the lead from the plate of V-710 by resistor R-737 around the side of the socket away from the control grid.




CESL                                                                  S E C R E T                                                               August 1943  


 (Contd.)3. Oscilloscope CRO-5-S.a. The CRO-5-S Oscilloscope has been approved as an equal to Dumont type 208 Oscilloscope for use with test equipment for. Radio Set SCR-584.

4. General.

a. Design approval tests are now in progress at Camp Davis, N. C., on the first production models of Radio Set SCR-584-( ), manufactured by the General Electric Company and Westinghouse Electric & Manufacturing Company. To ensure that subsequent production equipment will meet the general flight performance requirements of the initial equipment, this Laboratory has recommended to the Chief Signal Officer that, for the next four months, the first equipment delivered by each prime contractor for that month be further tested at Camp Davis, using the automatic recording equipment and skilled personnel available there. It is believed that a skeleton test, in which a number of test runs on azimuth, elevation and range accuracy are made, will be sufficient to ensure and maintain uniform production characteristics. It has been further suggested that the testing of this equipment at Camp Davis starts on the 15th of each month, thus allowing ample time for any corrections required as the result of the final Signal Corps Inspection Zone tests. It is presumed that by the end of. this series of tests, commencing 15 August, 15 September, 15 October, and 15 November, respectively, reports received from the field will supplement the test reports from Camp Davis, thus enabling the contractors and this Laboratory to keep a further check on the performance of production equipment.

b. Authorization has been granted to WEMCO and GE to increase the test limit of the follow-up motor on the Position Control Unit BC-1085-( ) in Radio Set SCR-584-( ) from 30 to 5 0 maximum.

c. Satisfactory preliminary tests of Radio Set SCR-584-A have been made by the Performance Test Group of this Laboratory. Upon receipt of Power Unit M-15 from Ordnance, a 5000-hour test (8 hours per day) will be initiated.




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