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WWII Weekend - Lightweight Counter Mortar Radar / 2013-08-24~25

Lightweight Counter Mortar Radar arrives at InfoAge in time for WWII Weekend

InfoAge volunteers recently acquired a Lightweight Counter Mortar Radar (LCMR), developedVolunteers Bob Perricelli, John Cervini and Bruce Williams stand near the LCMR Volunteers Bob Perricelli, John Cervini and Bruce Williams stand near the LCMR by the Army for use in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The LCMR will be part of a permanent display at InfoAge. It had a wonderful connection to Camp Evans during WWII. Tobyhanna Army Depot has donated the radar designated as the An/TPQ-48(V) for display at InfoAge. The LCMR was developed jointly between the Army (FT Monmouth NJ) and the Syracuse Research Corporation (SRC) for use by Airborne Forces. Sufficiently lightweight (120 lbs), the LCMR is transportable and can be deployed by a crew of two.

During WWII and the campaign in the Pacific, a message was sent from General MacArthur's staff to the Signal Corps for help in dealing with a mortar threat from Japanese soldiers who had refused to surrender to U.S. troops. Dr. John Marchetti and his staff initiated a rush development by modifying an existing Camp Evans radar, successfully testing it on Long Beach Island, and then shipping it immediately to the West Coast for delivery to the Pacific Theater; where it saved many lives.

Fast forward 50 years into the future - General Franks, head of U.S. ground forces in Iraq, sends a letter to U.S. Army CECOM requesting the immediate production of the LCMR, currently under development for the Special Forces, by the successor division to Dr. Marchetti's team. The threat was truck-mounted mortars that were attacking U.S. forces in urban and semi-urban areas. Once again, a quick reaction program delivered the units in record time, thereby again saving lives.

Bruce Williams adjusts the sight on the LCMRBruce Williams adjusts the sight on the LCMRThe LCMR automatically detects and locates enemy mortar positions over 360 degrees by detecting and tracking the mortar shell in flight then backtracking to the weapon's location. Once located, the firing weapon can be neutralized by either combat air support or counter-fire artillery. The LCMR is digitally connected to fire support and command & control networks.

The complete story, with many fascinating details will be told at the Fourth Annual InfoAge WWII Weekend;  August 24-25 2013, 1-5 PM, 2201 Marconi Rd, Wall, NJ.

The WWII weekend will feature dioramas, displays, and a special Waterhouse Art Exhibit - prints of WWII action. Also featured are wonderfully detailed WWII National Archives 50th Anniversary Posters, covering the entire conflict.

In addition there will be a fascinating lecture on the WWII "Spy Radio", developed at the Fort Monmouth Coles Area, which stood just off Exit 109 of the Garden State Parkway. Special videos will be shown on Radar development, much of which took place at Camp Evans, and "The Secret War" which turned the tide during the Battle of Britain.

Admission is free, a $5 donation is requested.

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