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OurVolts Volunteer Hours Logging Procedures

Registering for OurVolts:

The OurVolts widget can be reached on several pages of the InfoAge website.

InfoAge Home Page ( a link at the top of the right column, in a pale green frame )



 visit/volunteer-hours-instructions  [Detailed Instructions]


NOTE:  The red login on the upper right with the white background is for Registered Users to login to the InfoAge Site.

              It is NOT used for a login to record your hours.

At the OurVolts Widget screen, click on "Sign up", which will take you to a "User Account Registration" screen.

Provide a Username, Email Address and Password. Then complete the Captcha spam test and click the "Create New Account" button. 

Using the Dashboard:

 Use the OurVolts widget on the InfoAge site and click the link below the "Login" and Sign up" buttons.  (Yes it is in very small type)

  • The link takes you to the OurVolts "Login" screen. Login as usual.
  • Logging in takes you to the "Log Your Hours" screen. This is the same as using the widget on the InfoAge site.

At the top right between your User Name and Logout is a link for "Dashboard".

  •  Clicking the link displays the "Dashboard" screen. 

On the Dashboard screen, there is a box on the upper left labeled "Your Hour Log".  Your last 5 entries are displayed and can be edited using the edit link on the right side of each line.

Editing or Removing Previous Entries:

This procedure is done from the Dashboard online.  If the entries were prior to the last 5 lines displayed, click the "More Detail" link located on the bottom right side of the "Your Hour Log" box. That will display pages of all your entries and they can be individually edited.

Add Entries you neglected to record:  

Adding a forgotten entry can be done from the InfoAge OurVolts widget screen or online using the Dashboard. Enter the hours, correct the date field, pick the group or activity and click submit.

For assistance with the application- contact the WebGuy. - Use the Chat window when it's visible or call 732.337.3267

Quick Sign Up Instructions:

If you click on "Sign Up", you will be taken to User Registration ( That will open in a new window )

The USERNAME and PASSWORD you create will be used with the OurVolts application on the InfoAge site.

Their FAQ page answers most questions. But you need to know that the "Museum" entry is the catch-all for anyone doing work ouside their normal Area of Responsibility.

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