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Website Evolution and Development

The original website for InfoAge and the logo were created by Cori Carl as a High School Student.

Initially the only access to InfoAge ( formerly Camp Evans ) was as a virtual site. So the website filled that need and started  becoming a repository of facts and stories that told the history of the site.

The website progressed from a group of html pages into a framed layout with over 1530 html web pages and 3020+ images.

Over time the structure of the website became a real mesh with links between various pages highlighting associated equipment, persons or events.

Navigation was simplified by using Google which located orphan pages and helped visitors find pages repeatedly.

The information on the website either related to InfoAges' daily operation and its' efforts to restore and maintain the site or it related to the rich history of Camp Evans.

Logically it made sense to have two websites.

One site is reserved for the on-going operations of InfoAge and the other is for the preservation and history of Camp Evans.

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