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InfoAge Meeting Wednesday Dec 4th, 2013

There will be a meeting Wednesday at 6:45pm.  

Vintage Computer Fair East / 2014

The Vintage Computer Group has a strong VCF East "9.1" speaker lineup evolving for next spring 
(April 4-6) at the museum.

Dates/times for each speaker are not yet determined. The list includes:
- Paul Lasewicz (IBM's corporate historian)
- Maris Graube (founder of the IEEE LAN/MAN standards committee)
- Dave Haynie (Commodore Amiga executive)
- Bill Cheswick (Bell Labs firewall pioneer)

There will be much more! We're working on a couple of film screenings, a 
fun AT&T Unix PC presentation, a really awesome technical workshop, and 
one more keynote speaker who is MIND-BLOWINGLY FAMOUS. :)

Stay tuned for frequent updates at and

InfoAge Reduces Energy Costs / ia-eu-2013-09-18

InfoAge Reduces Energy Costs

EDF Climate Corps Fellow Mathew McGourtyEDF Climate Corps Fellow Mathew McGourty

InfoAge National Landmark Site Plans To Reduce Energy Costs

The InfoAge Science History Learning Center and Museum campus in Wall Township with the help of New Jersey Natural Gas (NJNG) is planning steps to significantly increase its energy efficiency and reduce energy costs.


This summer thanks to the assistance of the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF), a non-profit environmental advocacy group working with NJNG, the national historic landmark InfoAge campus identified opportunities for lighting retrofits for four of its main buildings to reduce energy load and carbon emissions.


EDF Climate Corps fellow Matthew McGourty, a New Jersey native and Fordham University Master of Business Administration graduate, spent the summer analyzing utility bills looking for savings opportunities to reduce the non-profit InfoAge organization's energy expenses.


InfoAge Has Documents / 2013-10-01

The InfoAge Library has documents, manuals, books and images.

The Library Curator Team,  has finished two major documents listing a number of manuals and drawings.

The path to the library pages with preview is:

The primary path to all the posted documents is: 

Your ideas and comments are welcome. Please drop a note to the Library Team.

InfoAge Has Commercial Power Again / 2013-09-06 11:45

There was no Parade, no noticeable fanfare, but it is a great relief to have reliable power at InfoAge again.

A special thanks to the folks in Wall Township for helping to make it happen. 

InfoAge has been without power since "Sandy" and has survived. 

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