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Broadcasters Hall of Fame Museum Is Coming Back to the Garden State / 2001-06-22

The Broadcasters Hall of Fame Museum

Is Coming Back to the Garden State


MONROE TOWNSHIP, June 22 – The National Broadcasters Hall of Fame, originally located in Freehold for many years before moving to Los Angeles, will be returning shortly to New Jersey to a new home at the InfoAge Science Center at Camp Evans in Wall, thanks to the New Jersey Broadcasters Association.

The NJBA will pay all costs to ship the exhibition to Monmouth County, according Fred Carl, virtual director of the Information Age Learning Center, a non-profit organization. The National Broadcasters Hall of Fame and Museum honors the men and women who made broadcasting a communications marvel in the 1930’s, 1940’s and 1950’s. All exhibits will be modernized and preserved digitally. The Hall of Fame will continue to induct new members once all the exhibits are housed in New Jersey.

The National Broadcasters Hall of Fame Museum, encompassing 48,000 broadcasts as well as a unique collection of artifacts, memorabilia and exhibits, vividly portrays the glorious history of Radio’s Golden Era. It will be operated by Hall of Fame founder Arthur Schreiber and curator Fred Shay. Both men worked diligently over the past decade to find a new home for the museum and its priceless treasures. Their cause was championed with the NJ Broadcasters Association by Robert McAllan, CEO of Press Communications, Inc., and vice chair of NJBA board.

When the museum is opened, visitors will be able to hear old-time radio programs in their entirety and watch radio personalities on film. Among the displays are vintage radios and microphones, earphones, photographs and other memorabilia of famous broadcasting celebrities. “The Hall will be a place where old and young can learn,” says Mr. Shay. In the meantime, histories of Hall of Fame inductees will be available on the InfoAge website is For further information contact the NBHF at 732 280-3000 or Fred Carl at 732-681-6018.

The New Jersey Broadcasters Association represents the radio and TV industry in the Garden State. With 79 stations providing statewide coverage, Radio NJ? reaches 2,989,000 listeners every week according to the latest Arbitron listener survey. For information regarding the NJBA, please call 1-888-NJ-RADIO.

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