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Electronic Warfare

Electronic Warfare Display

Electronic Warefare [br]Association of Old CrowsElectronic Warefare [br]Association of Old Crows

The Garden State Chapter of the Association of Old Crows is proud to sponsor the Electronic Warfare Display in Building 9032 C at InfoAge. The AOC is a professional organization dedicated to educating the general public about the critical importance of Electronic Warfare on the modern battlefield, and the means used to protect the lives of U.S. servicemen.

Electronic warfare equipment and systems involve the use of sophisticated scientific and engineering principles. The historical development of these systems, their connection to Camp Evans, and the drive and determination of the people involved, is explained and described at a level that students and the general public can understand.




Marine 1 with Camp Evans developed IR JammerMarine 1 with Camp Evans developed IR Jammer

Many of the basic principles of electronics and physics will be demonstrated in a series of hands on applications that are bound to excite young minds. Techniques used to intercept, identify, and locate both communications and radar signals are described. The importance of infrared signatures and countermeasures are also be described and will eventually be demonstrated with participatory experimentation.

The goal is to have the student and the general public view the display area with a new found appreciation and knowledge of the subject they previously knew nothing about, and its importance to the military success of the United States.

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